Please be aware that opting out of receiving the occasional marketing communication from us has consequences. In short, we would not be able to pro-actively share ideas, advice or information that may help you to develop a competitive edge, either personally, professionally or corporately; that means:

X No invitations to free Seminars
X No offers of free Workshops for your team
X No notification of free downloads
X No notification of free videos
X No notification of any funding that may become available for training and development
X No notification of course updates or new releases
X No free advice or opinion to help you with particular issues
X No interesting articles or insights
X No sharing of ideas or experience
X No offers of discounted last-minute places on open courses
X No offers of a free taster to any relevant courses

We naturally respect your rights and your choice – we simply ask you to consider that instead of opting out, it may be better just to delete or bin the occasional email or marketing piece you may receive.

If you really do wish to opt-out, please click on the button below and complete the form and then click send to opt out.

Please note we admit that we are not perfect and will on the rare occasion, make mistakes. If you have opted out but receive marketing communication from us, it will honestly have happened in error as we can assure you we have no wish to spend time and money sending people things they don’t want. Please, could we ask you to bring any such errors to our attention by writing to info@auricas.com so we may pinpoint why it happened and prevent it happening again; thanks.


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