About Us

Auricas is a consultancy and training company whose mission is to deliver solutions that produce measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance. Our work to date has taken us throughout the UK and Europe and across multiple industry sectors with clients including some of the UK’s leading companies, large multinationals, familiar brand names, SMEs, family businesses right through to start ups!

Based on approaching 40 years’ experience and on-going research into best (and worst) practice, not only do we have a wide and often unique range of options available, but also considerable expertise in delivering them. Whether we are are working with an individual, a team or a company, we always follow a 6-step consultative process to ensure best advice, best solutions and best outcomes:

  1. Understand the situation – not just what’s necessary but why, together with the changes, improvements or development you are really looking for
  2. Explore a wide, often unique range of ideas and options; we’ll also offer advice and a frank opinion if necessary too
  3. Recommend the most appropriate option(s) for you and your company to consider based on an investment you are comfortable with
  4. Prepare all participants and stakeholders, once agreement to proceed is reached, to ensure the necessary understanding, buy-in and support
  5. Deliver the agreed coaching/consultancy using our expertise and experience in an enjoyable, participative and supportive manner at a time/place convenient to all
  6. Follow up with stakeholders to evaluate progress so far against original objectives and provide suggestions for continuing improvement

So, what’s on your mind? Our guess is that you will be looking for measurable improvement of some kind in business, team or individual performance; or perhaps there may be issues to do with change or growth.

A good place to start is with an informal meeting over a cup of coffee to discuss the situation so we can provide you with a few ideas, some advice or an opinion; there is no cost or obligation involved for this so with nothing to lose and potentially much to gain, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Why Choose Auricas

  • Experience – Approaching 40 years helping companies achieve measurable improvements in performance
  • Expertise – We work locally, nationally and international and across multiple market sectors
  • Opinion – Fresh thinking and frank, unbiased opinions are sometimes what’s needed
  • Advice – Sound advice drawing on our experience and from on-going research into best (and worst) practice
  • Ideas – Options include 1:1 coaching, workshops, open courses, bespoke in-house solutions tailored to your budget