Exhibition Staff Training

Exhibition staff training is essential considering the huge amounts of time, effort and money involved in exhibiting. However, judging by the poor standards of attitude and behaviour you often see demonstrated, it’s clearly being overlooked by some; for example:

  • Poorly prepared with no sense of objective, strategy or technique
  • Lacking confidence to approach prospects or conversely, being too assertive and scaring people away
  • Appearing bored and that they would rather be elsewhere
  • Harming their company’s image by their appearance or habits
  • Too much time being spent with some visitors (especially known contacts) and not enough time unearthing hotter prospects
  • Handing out sales literature like confetti, not asking questions
  • No consideration of visitor psychology and behaviour
  • Atrocious record keeping of critical information, etc, etc.

Under these circumstances, your company has a huge opportunity to take advantage!

Why choose Auricas

Auricas exhibition staff training is unique and based on over 40 years’ sales development experience. We firstly benchmark against your previous exhibition outcomes. Next, a ½ day of bespoke training is provided to your team in advance of a major exhibition. Afterwards, we help you collate and review the metrics to compare performance.

We have never failed to deliver spectacular improvements i.e. higher numbers of better quality sales leads.

Furthermore, the training will ensure a consistent, professional, systematic approach throughout your exhibition team.

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Trust Auricas

  • Experience – 40 years’ experience: local, national, international, multiple market sectors
  • Expertise – Delivering measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance
  • Opinion – Fresh thinking and frank, unbiased opinions are usually what’s valued most
  • Advice – Bespoke advice tailored to you, your company, your situation and your budget
  • Ideas – Multiple options: Consultancy, 1:1 Coaching, Workshops, Open/In-House Courses

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