Presentation Skills Training

This unique presentation skills training course will improve your confidence and your ability to influence people. It’s broadly applicable whether you are dealing with colleagues, customers, suppliers, your team or any professional group. In addition to informal meetings and formal presentation situations, there are benefits in terms of day-to-day communication too.

It’s important because the ability to present your ideas and influence people is a fundamental part of business today. The harsh reality is that opinions are often formed and decisions made on the strength of personal performance. With a group that you meet often, the impression you create may impact future decisions too.

Therefore, presentation skills tips on how to perform at your very best can make a real difference to your success. In addition, it will help change people’s perception of you. This is particular useful for those in senior management or sales whose primary role is influencing people.

Why Choose Auricas?

Firstly, we are the experts. Few other providers have anything like approaching 40 years’ experience in coaching people as we do.

Secondly, whilst we cover the theory in detail, it’s all about the practical skill. To explain, we will help you develop the ability to express yourself with confidence, impact and influence. As a result, you will suffer less stress and also leave meetings feeling that you’ve performed to your very best.

Thirdly, we only work with a few people at a time which creates a very supportive group. Alternatively, we can provide the coaching on a 1:1 basis; this might be especially useful if you have a big meeting or event coming up.

Finally, you have to believe us but it’s honestly fun! You will also be amazed at the progress you can make in such a short period of time!

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