Sales Management Training

Auricas Sales Management training is exceptional; we also guarantee it will produce an increase in sales activities and results. It’s particularly useful for someone leading a commercial team who has little personal sales experience; also, for someone new to the role of sales manager.

Why sales management training is so important

As sales revenue pays for everything else in a business, ensuring a predictable, steady and increasing flow is critical. Investment in training for the person leading the commercial team therefore makes sound economic sense.

Even small improvements can lead to big gains. For example: winning new customers, increasing sales to existing customers, profitability per sale and customer retention.

The fact is that it’s challenging to manage, develop and retain a successful sales team. Perhaps it’s no surprise that most sales people do not consistently achieve target.

It’s also challenging to move a team from doing what’s comfortable to what’s necessary. The more assertive, successful sales person also creates particular challenges.

Why Auricas sales management training is so good
  • Firstly, few can match our 40 years of experience in helping companies achieve measurable improvement in sales performance. We actually guarantee improvements.
  • Secondly, we address all aspects that can affect sales performance
  • Thirdly, we can adapt the sales management training according to your primary objective. That could be winning new customers, account development, retaining customers, increasing profit, etc.
  • Finally, we draw on our decades of on-going research. This has identified 25 reasons why sales people may be underperforming and overall, 70+ reasons why salespeople fail!
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