Winning More Pitches

Investing in winning more pitches training makes commercial sense considering the high value of business at stake. Applied to future pitches, it could represent the best investment you’ve ever made!

Why pitch training is so important

An enormous amount of time and effort usually goes into preparing for a pitch. Then you get your “live or die” moment! Whilst unfair and even illogical, the fact is that decisions will be primarily influenced by personal performance on the day.

Providing winning more pitches training for your team will put you ahead of many of your untrained competitors. That’s because some still think they can get away with it on just ego and experience alone. In addition, you will also have an advantage over those who fail to recognise that a pitch is selling, not just telling.

You will know the pain of losing good business to a competitor. Equally, seeing a chance just fade away with a half-hearted, “We’ll let you know” is frustrating. So, why risk it?

Why choose Auricas

You can trust Auricas. We have over 40 years’ experience of successful presentations and expertise in training others to have more impact and influence.

Get us involved early in the process though. That way you don’t waste time, effort and money on preparing the wrong things in the wrong way. Likewise, you will avoid having to admit “It’s too late to change it now” despite realising it’s not the best.

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Trust Auricas

  • Experience – 40 years’ experience: local, national, international, multiple market sectors
  • Expertise – Delivering measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance
  • Opinion – Fresh thinking and frank, unbiased opinions are usually what’s valued most
  • Advice – Bespoke advice tailored to you, your company, your situation and your budget
  • Ideas – Multiple options: Consultancy, 1:1 Coaching, Workshops, Open/In-House Courses

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