Psychometric Profiling

A fundamental part of building a happy and successful team is ensuring that you have “round pegs in round holes”.

Psychometric profiling should be part of that process as it helps to confirm if someone is likely to be suited to a role. It’s quick and easy to organise and offers information of significant value at relatively low cost; uses include:

  • Evaluating and Developing Existing Key People: Better understanding an individual’s characteristics can prove invaluable information for a manager in terms of team building, allocating the right responsibilities to the right people and adapting the best approach to that individual.
  • As Part of a Promotion Process: It’s too common for a good person to be promoted into a new role, fail and subsequently depart. You can reduce this likelihood.
  • During Recruitment: The CV is impressive, the person looks good and sounds good at interview so why does it often go wrong? The key is better understanding of the candidate’s true characteristics, preferences, dislikes, limitations, etc. New recruits who don’t work out are costly; getting stuck with someone who’s just about OK but not ideal can be worse! With profiling, you can see if they fit (based on 1 – 5 stars) or in other words, their likelihood of success, before appointing.

So, what’s on your mind? Our guess is that you will be looking for measurable improvement of some kind in business, team or individual performance; or there may be an issue to do with change or growth.

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