Building A Management Team

Building a management team compared to a team of managers is challenging. To illustrate, research by Dr Meredith Belbin suggested there are 9 different character types; each of those having a preferred working style and role within a team!

As such, many CEOs have realised that just expecting a group of individuals to function well as a management team is unrealistic. In particular, this becomes apparent when disagreements arise or when everyone’s under pressure.

Why choose Auricas

If you are trying to build a management team, you can trust Auricas to help you. That’s because we have over 40 years’ experience of management development. We offer a unique day of coaching, entirely bespoke to each customer.

  • Firstly, we evaluate the make-up of your current team. This includes roles, responsibilities, personal characteristics, etc
  • Secondly, we check clarity, ownership, responsibility and accountability as a management team regards direction, objectives and strategy
  • Thirdly, the coaching explores the reasons why many management teams don’t work together effectively; this is always revealing!
  • Fourthly, we explore what good management practice looks like
  • Finally, with 40 years’ experience of researching best management team practice and developing management teams, we help you build an action plan to create a stronger team

In summary, this is an outstanding exercise for a management team in learning to value diversity yet ensuring “fit”. Furthermore, it helps to build greater trust, respect and co-operation.

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