Recruitment Tips and Advice

The Auricas “Principles of Recruitment” course is packed full of useful recruitment tips and advice.

It could save you £50,000 which research reveals is the average cost of recruiting someone who doesn’t work out then leaves or gets fired. Furthermore, you will avoid the frustration of promoting or recruiting someone who doesn’t live up to expectations.

There’s A Great Deal At Stake

When recruiting or promoting a key person, ensuring good fit (a “round peg in a round hole”) is critical. Get it right and you retain a valuable, happy and successful team member.

However, get it wrong and you have the extra time and cost of finding a replacement. Alternatively, you suffer the stress and frustration associated with keeping someone who’s not what you wanted, expected or need. As a result, in both situations, your personal and company reputations may be harmed.

In summary, with literally £10,000s and your reputation at risk, professional advice is essential.

Why Choose Auricas?

With approaching 40 years’ experience of helping manager’s build successful teams, Auricas offers the best recruitment training course. If you’re looking for guidance on successful recruitment, we can help you to:

  • Save time and money
  • Improve the quality of people working for your company
  • Increase your chances of getting the right person in the right job
  • Avoid having to pay thousands of pounds in recruitment agency fees
  • Reduce the chance of promotion mistakes that result in losing an otherwise good person

The training covers the 6 key steps in the recruitment process: Preparation, Advertising, Applications, Interview, Selection, Induction/Probation.

“We quickly identified that one candidate was pretty close to ideal and as a result we were able to secure his services whilst our competitors for his services were still in the early stages! The professional and comprehensive manner of the process the candidate was subject to was actually a factor in persuading him to join us” – Managing Director, Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd

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