Performance Appraisal Training

Providing performance appraisal training and refreshers is essential for all managers responsible for appraisals. Firstly, people need the “tools to do the job” properly. Secondly, there should be common appraisal practice throughout a company.

It’s important because performance appraisals should be a welcome and an integral part of business, team and individual development. However, it seems the majority of managers and employees do not enjoy them and often question their value.

Why choose Auricas

Recognising the need, this short course delivers the key principles involved for each of the three appraisal stages – preparing, conducting and follow up. Not only does it provide the knowledge of what to do but also how to do it.

Therefore, both managers and employees will enjoy significant benefits from this performance appraisal training including:

  • A simple, clear, short and structured process to follow
  • Easier conversation, less confrontation
  • Greater confidence tackling “prickly issues”
  • Real thoughts and feelings aired
  • Clearer expectations
  • Less “tick box”, more value
  • Stronger commitment to action plans

In summary, the immediate benefit is better appraisals conducted in less time. However, the biggest potential benefit is happier, more productive employees whom you are likely to retain for longer.

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