Business Growth

Business growth usually causes significant challenges. You may be growing quickly and perhaps struggling to cope. Conversely, you may want or need to accelerate business growth. In both situations however, growth without the necessary foundations in place could lead to serious problems; you may recognise these typical signs:

  • Escalating costs, diminishing profits
  • Challenging cash flow
  • Quality of work under pressure
  • Everyone still looking to you for the answer
  • Diminishing standards, service and responsiveness
  • Increasing errors due to reduced attention to detail
  • Delivery deadlines pushed back or missed
  • Over-reliance on sales from old customers
  • Recruitment and retention issues
  • Poor work/life balance
  • Less time and patience for people
  • Less fun than it used to be
Why choose Auricas?

We have over 40 years’ experience of helping companies to achieve manageable, sustainable, profitable, business growth. We offer an entirely bespoke consultancy and coaching solution tailored to your situation, budget and desired outcomes.

Delivered by business people for business people, it’s also packed full of practical suggestions in plain English rather than “business school speak”.

“Auricas consultancy and coaching has helped our business to grow by a staggering 50% in the last 12 months” – Managing Director, Lesley Morris Associates

“When we met, it was a time of change and rapid growth within our business, so we thought it would be useful to engage some external help. Working with Auricas firstly created the discipline at a hugely busy time to stop, examine what we were doing and to think more clearly about our plans; you also brought some fresh thinking to the discussions” – Managing Director, Creat3D Ltd

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Trust Auricas

  • Experience – 40 years’ experience: local, national, international, multiple market sectors
  • Expertise – Delivering measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance
  • Opinion – Fresh thinking and frank, unbiased opinions are usually what’s valued most
  • Advice – Bespoke advice tailored to you, your company, your situation and your budget
  • Ideas – Multiple options: Consultancy, 1:1 Coaching, Workshops, Open/In-House Courses

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