What We Do

Business Growth & Change

Expert advice and guidance through our consultancy and coaching options for business leaders looking for ideas or help with change management, business strategy, sales and marketing strategy, exit strategy, etc.

Management & Leadership

Approaching 40 years’experience of evaluating best (and worst) management practice has gone into our range of management and leadership development options for both new team managers and experienced managers.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Bespoke sales development projects that deliver astonishing, measurable improvements in winning new customers, developing more business with existing customers, keeping customers for longer and increasing profitability.

How We Work With You

Phase One:


A professional analysis of the situation, the problems or the opportunities plus your wants, needs, expectations and desired changes/improvements


What does the analysis tell us? We provide expert advice and opinion as to the issues to address and explore ideas on the options available to you


Written confirmation of our expert advice plus recommendations based on budget, logistics, timescale, numbers and desired outcome.

Phase Two:


Engagement with all participants and stakeholders in advance to explain, to reassure and to prepare so understanding and "buy-in" are secured


Enjoyable and effective consultancy and/or training that quickly starts to change the attitudes, activities and abilities which produce better results

Follow up

Evaluation of progress against initial benchmarks agreed together with expert advice regards recommendations for continuing improvement

Trust Auricas

  • Experience – Approaching 40 years’ experience: local, national, international, multiple market sectors
  • Expertise – Delivery of measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance
  • Opinion – Fresh thinking and frank, unbiased opinions are often what’s needed and appreciated
  • Advice – Sound advice based on experience and from on-going research into best (and worst) practice
  • Ideas – Consultancy, Coaching, 1:1, Workshops, Open and In-House Courses tailored to your budget

“I was astonished at how your simple, structured approach helped all the team improve and the majority to achieve a 100% success rate in converting conversations into appointments; as a team of 7, we also made 17 appointments in 30 minutes; extraordinary. Not only did we prove beyond doubt that your methods work but the team proved to themselves that they now have both the confidence and ability to achieve their appointment targets”

Links Life Sciences, MD

“I have taken many sales courses over the years but our coaching with Auricas was by far the best. You gave us practical tips for real situations which we have been able to apply immediately and as a result, our sales pipeline for next year is already looking very good indeed. The investment involved will be repaid many times over”

Conference Contacts Ltd, Director of Sales

“The training had a direct impact on better sales habits and practices and in all instances, staff came away with more self-assurance and determination to focus on a few key areas of personal development; most importantly, it has contributed to the increase in sales performance we have enjoyed since the training.”

Citizen Systems Europe GmbH, Managing Director

“In terms of outcomes, considering you had a diverse group of people to work with different experience, doubts and expectations, we were delighted to hear that everyone who attended the course said they would recommend it to others. The Directors have also had feedback from the managers on the things they feel need changing/improving so we are beginning to see the increase in ownership and responsibility we are looking for; in fact, the Business Improvement Plan project they completed as part of the course will save us over £100,000 in fuel efficiency!”

Goldstar Heathrow Ltd, Managing Director

“Project Management training was recognised as essential, but finding something suitable wasn’t easy, as most are either far too theoretical or based on adopting new software / systems. Auricas was, however, different and we liked the down to earth approach and practical content of the course. The feedback afterwards was excellent – 100% of respondents said they would recommend it and all rated it in the good/great category. Most importantly they are already showing more confidence and a willingness to take on the more challenging aspects they individually have of the role. I am also seeing improvements in their workload management, with less is escalating upwards as well! There is no doubt we now have a better trained, more confident, more effective project management team that will deliver better results for the business in the months to come.”

H&C Contracts Ltd, Operations Manager

“Like many companies, our track record of appointing a successful sales person wasn’t good; in fact, we had stopped trying and were exploring other ways of generating sales. Your project led approach based on experience has significantly reduced the chance of costly failure and significantly increased our chance of finding a really good sales person. I anticipate this project will pay for itself many times over and would recommend it to others.”

Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd, Managing Director

“Expectations are now much clearer and we are really seeing the team respond and producing better results. I will also say it was enormously beneficial to be able to share my concerns and get advice from my course colleagues on a particularly difficult disciplinary situation. Based on personal experience, this is an excellent course for both MDs and for their up and coming managers that delivers real benefits”

Numerii Ltd, Managing Director

“Through application of the course principles I have already seen massive growth in key members of my team with increased willingness and ability to take on delegated responsibility and also to coach their own teams; this probably reflects my own increased confidence to change things and to delegate more to them rather than fall into the “it’s quicker I do it myself” trap. In summary, this course has helped us create a much stronger basis for future growth and has already led to measurable improvements; in addition, the Business Improvement Project developed during the course will also help us reduce costs on our data cleansing team, potentially saving over £30,000!”

True Gas Ltd, Head of Energy

“What am I doing differently? Three things a) I’ve been able to delegate a great deal to my team allowing me to focus more on priorities b) I’ve instigated the recommended monthly action plan meetings so my team are clear what to focus on and need to achieve and c) I better understand what motivates my team and am working with them to help them feel more valued within the business. The Business Improvement Plan completed using the guidelines provided could also help us produce an estimated additional £200,000 profit if the proposed changes are implemented!”

Acorne Plc, Category Buyer

“This was a very good and informative course; very clear and easy to understand. It’s helped me to become more structured in my approach and better at diary management i.e. doing less to do more! In terms of team management, I am listening more, taking more interest, praising more (where appropriate) and also delegating more. The ideas generated from our Business Improvement Plan could also produce an additional £40,000 sales income so I would definitely recommend this course to other managers!”

White & Sons, Associate Partner

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have done with our company this year. As a direct result of your work, we now have clear direction, clearly defined goals and key people who are now aware and have bought into their responsibilities for delivering those goals. The tips on monitoring and feeding back on performance were also invaluable as we can now check progress against objectives each month in a much more transparent way. Each person now has the ability to judge for themselves whether or not they are doing a good job, also making management so much easier. Overall, it has been excellent experience and quite frankly, the whole atmosphere has changed in the office with everyone excited about the future.”

Peter Lole & Co Ltd, Managing Director

“As a construction-related industry, we have high pressure, long hours, demanding clients, not much time to think and a need to be ruthlessly organised. So, I was surprised that some of the main benefits came from helping me to be even more organised and self-disciplined – I have even achieved a clear desk! Finally, the application of the creative ideas has led to a project that could potentially save us over £10,000 – not a bad return on investment! Overall? Time and money very well spent and I recommend it”

Woodland Commercial Ltd , Construction Manager

“I am more organised and have more time to think and plan, we now have overall objectives linked into operational and departmental objectives and we are really flying in terms of improved performance – all in a relatively short period of time. This is genuinely a great course and one I would recommend to any manager, irrespective of experience – I wish I had done it 20 years ago!”

Henley Town Council , Town Clerk

“Thanks for a fantastic course – as an experienced (but untrained) manager, I didn’t expect to gain so much! Despite being extremely busy, the “little bit and often” approach worked well for me. Having worked on the course with managers with many different backgrounds, ages and experiences, I can thoroughly recommend the course to any manager keen to improve.”

HOH Oilfield Services Ltd , Operations Manager

“Collectively, we are more positive and focused. Managers in particular have a lot more ownership of their goals and I am already seeing more coaching conversations going on with their team members. We are taking minimum performance standards far more seriously and feel there is more commitment to the realistic targets. Our performance measures are now simpler and more effective, the effect being dramatic – in just one month, we have gone from only two of the team being on target to everyone being above target!”

Hinton Lea Associates, Managing Director

“I am delighted to confirm that the feedback has been excellent from the programme so far; in fact, it has already significantly changed the way that some people think and behave. It is no coincidence that during the time the programme has been running, we have achieved some impressive business improvements (most in double digits) as measured on a weekly basis, particularly in distribution productivity and dispatch.”

Lakeland Ltd, Operations Director

“…with establishing expectations through performance standards, I am now able to focus on specific improvements and the team realise I am serious about what we agree and will be following up on progress”

Advance Seating Designs , Managing Director

“I am approaching everything with more confidence and I am better prepared. It has fundamentally changed the way that I think and behave as a manager”

Penguin Events, Manager

“What I liked about Auricas coaching was there was no “bull” – you gave us real tools for real situations; as all our senior managers were involved in the coaching we now have a company-wide management platform that gives us a stronger basis for growth”

Carbosynth Ltd, Managing Director

“We chose Auricas for a number of reasons including the effort you made to understand our business and our criteria for selection plus the range of methods you were to use during the day to build a picture of the “real person” and whether or not they would emerge as team leaders or team members; you were also far more cost-effective than many other Assessment Centres”

Pharmalink Consulting Ltd, Head of Customer Care & Development

“I can testify to the fact that working with Auricas can make a dramatic and significant difference to bottom-line business results. Last November, we commenced a coaching/consultancy project with you to address a number of aspects of what we were doing as a company and how we were going about it. Our 5-year objective at that time was growth to £2 million. However, as a direct result of your encouragement, guidance and advice, I can report that less than 8 months later, we are on track for achieving £2.25 million in just 1 year! In addition, I haven’t felt as relaxed and in control about what we are doing in the last 10 years.”

4D Design Ltd, Managing Director

“ Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

– Winston S. Churchill


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