Struggling To Introduce Change? Here’s Two Potential Reasons Why…

Change can involve additional time, effort, money and stress plus doubt, fear and uncertainty to name but a few possible consequences. No surprise therefore that Directors looking to introduce change often face resistance!

However, in listening to the frustrations of all parties involved, the source of the problem can often be traced to two key elements that are missing: Firstly, common understanding of the gap between what is currently happening and what should be happening. Secondly, why bridging that gap is both urgent and important.

Without clarity and agreement on these two issues (achieved through face-to-face discussion, not email), any attempt to introduce change could be seen by those affected as an unnecessary inconvenience and met with resentment and resistance at worst and authority-based compliance at best.

Directors will therefore be best served by remembering the expression, “Mind The Gap”.

Once the gap is established, here is another tip for getting stronger buy in to the changes you’d like to make.

Who’s ideas do we have the most faith in and are the most enthusiastic about? Our own! You are therefore far more likely to get stronger buy-in from your team/colleagues if you ask them for their suggestions on how to bridge the gap rather than come to the table to present your idea. Frankly, people closer to the issue generally have better ideas too.

If ultimately you feel that a better idea needs to come out of that discussion, then nudge people to consider your suggestion by asking, “How about…?” Based on your experience, you may still end up saying, “I’d like to run with this idea first to see how it works.” That’s OK because few people expect their opinion to be adopted every time and by this stage, at least your team/colleagues will feel they have had the chance to have their say.

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