Sales Training

We don’t sell sales courses; instead we provide coaching to increase sales performance. This fundamentally different approach produces a measurable increase in sales performance.

The coaching is entirely bespoke to your company, your objectives, your market sector, your team and the challenges they face.

We also benchmark against your sales metrics for activities and results so you can see change occurring. Does it work? Judge for yourself from what our customers have said:

  • “The results were astonishing. I can honestly report that having collated the sales metrics, in one month alone, the sales team as a whole increased their appointment levels by 126%, the number of sales by 42% and gross margin on sales by 57%. Traditionally it’s always difficult to be precise as to benefits gained from training but not so in this case.” – Managing Director Hydrotec Ltd
  • “In just one month, we have gone from only two of the team being on target to everyone being above target! – Managing Director, Hinton Lea Associates
  • “Amazingly, having stopped “rolling over” at every prospect/client request and explaining instead how we work and why (and even saying “No” occasionally), we are gaining far more respect and co-operation. In short, it’s put us back in control which means we can now do what’s best and that’s for everyone’s benefit. It’s already had a huge impact on results as in just over a month, this new approach has produced some spectacular improvements in business won with conversion rates up to 2:3 from 1:5.” – Client Services Director, 4D Design Ltd
  • “I was astonished at how your simple, structured approach helped all the team improve and the majority to achieve a 100% success rate in converting conversations into appointments; as a team of 7, we also made 17 appointments in 30 minutes; extraordinary. Not only did we prove beyond doubt that your methods work but the team proved to themselves that they now have both the confidence and ability to achieve their appointment targets” – Managing Director, Links Life Sciences
  • “Most importantly, results are improving too and it’s looking like every member of the sales team will hit their targets this year so the whole exercise has been self-funding” – Managing Director, Conference Contacts Ltd

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  • Expertise – Delivery of measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance
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