Commercial Negotiation

Auricas commercial negotiation training will give anyone involved in selling a huge advantage. Remember, most prospects and customers are not formally trained negotiators. For this reason, with our training, you’ll have the edge at last!

In particular, that means not having to “roll over” on price and take a poor deal. Most importantly, it means you have more control over your sales process which leads to more profitable sales.

Why choose Auricas

Based on 40 years’ experience of helping businesses, teams and individuals to win more business, the training is packed full of useful tips. These will include:

  • Adapting your style, language and approach to different personalities
  • Maintaining good relations whatever the outcome
  • 7 essential negotiating principles; spot and use them yourself
  • 4 step method of handling objections effectively
  • 7 common types of objections or hesitation and how to deal with them effectively
  • 12 objection causes and how to stop them occurring
  • 18 negotiation ploys – how to spot them, what to do about them and how to use them

There are some fundamentals we cover as well. To be clear, we see negotiating as a conversation, not a confrontation or a battle to be won. Negotiating means reaching agreement on what’s acceptable rather than what’s ideal. Equally important is an understanding that good negotiation does not create customer interest or fix poor salesmanship. You must also believe that you have the personal ability to influence the outcome of a sales conversation.

In summary, this exceptional course is for you if you want to increase your ability to win more profitable sales.

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