15 Things Good Sales People Do In Tough Times

Were you looking to start the year with a bang? Despite optimism, 2021 is still likely to be challenging for most market sectors and those responsible for sales are going to have to adapt to the new realities of life.

In terms of account development, many customers are reducing their spending either in response to their own falling sales or just because they are being cautious.

This puts more emphasis on winning new customers. However, that’s harder than ever at a time when budgets are on hold and key people are reluctant to start new relationships. Those used to face to face sales meetings are finding it particular tough to adapt to influencing people by video conference or phone.

In summary, it would be fair to say that this is one of the most difficult periods sales people have faced in their lifetime. Most need help because attitudes, activities and abilities need to improve and quickly. There are opportunities out there; it’s just a question of who gets them.

What does good look like?

As a benchmark, here are 15 Things Good Sales People Do In Tough Times to up their game:

  • Work smarter
  • Do more hunting, less farming
  • Become order makers, not just order takers
  • Do what’s necessary rather than what’s comfortable
  • Use better “reasons to talk/meet” based on real value
  • Have the courage and ability to resist giving away profit
  • Better control the sales process and influence the outcome
  • “Get up a bit earlier and go to bed a bit later” in terms of effort
  • Ask the tough questions up front, not waste time writing hopeful proposals
  • Create opportunities, not wait for an enquiry or the company to come up with a lead
  • Keep positive by reminding themselves that failure is a natural, regular part of selling
  • Remain confident and professional and don’t adopt an attitude of being “desperate and grateful”
  • Do the right things, in the right way, at the right time, with the right people, at the right level
  • Demonstrate higher levels of self-motivation and self-discipline – especially when working from home
  • Honestly look at where time is being spent and “put themselves in danger of selling something” more often

Auricas can help sales people do all of these things and improve their results. Here’s just one of the many testimonials we have received:

“The results were astonishing. I can honestly report that having collated the sales metrics, in one month alone, the sales team as a whole increased their appointment levels by 126%, the number of sales by 42% and gross margin on sales by 57%. Traditionally it’s always difficult to be precise as to benefits gained from training but not so in this case.” – Managing Director Hydrotec Ltd

We have approaching 40 years’ experience of helping companies to produce measurable improvements in sales performance – even in difficult market conditions. Bespoke to your company, your team, your marketplace, your objectives and your budget, our coaching and consultancy projects can help a company to:

    • WIN new customers
    • GROW sales with existing customers
    • KEEP customers for longer
    • RESURRECT old prospects and customers
    • INCREASE sales value and gross profit
    • IMPROVE sales people’s organisation, efficiency and productivity
    • RAISE the number of sales people consistently hitting target
    • REDUCE the time the sales cycle takes
    • RECRUIT more successful sales people
    • MANAGE the sales/commercial team so they deliver at least what’s required perhaps what’s possible
    • PLAN a better sales and marketing strategy that will deliver on your objectives

So, if you are looking to start 2021 with a bang, with over 200 improvements possible in sales attitude, activity and ability from our coaching, it’s  worth finding out more; please contact us.

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