Business Growth and Change

This Director Development Webinar explores the challenges of business growth and change. It recognises that at some point, a business can “hit a wall” where everyone seems to be working flat out but either the required level of profit isn’t being achieved or it is being achieved but at a level of effort that’s not sustainable. In both scenarios, senior executives will find themselves getting increasingly dragged into day-to-day operational issues and have little if any time for strategic thinking or planning.

Expecting better results from essentially doing the same thing will only lead to increasing frustration; something needs to change but what?

For approaching 40 years, the Auricas team have been evaluating best and worst management practice at the core of business growth. In this Webinar, we will highlight 4 typical problems that our research and experience has revealed can severely restrict business growth – and what you can do about them! We guarantee you’ll pick up some great tips which will help you to:

  • Create a stronger management team
  • Establish better management practice
  • Develop/recruit the necessary resources in-line with business growth
  • Build a better future based on the right customers
  • Achieve more profitable, sustainable growth

Come and join us. It’s short, it’s free and there’s no obligation involved.

Time: 8.00am-9.00am
Date: To be advised but register your interest now
Delivered via Zoom

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