Webinar: How To Attract, Recruit and Retain Good People

This Director Development Webinar is packed full of useful tips on how to attract, recruit and retain good people. It will be particularly useful if you identify with any of these challenges:

• Finding it hard to recruit anyone, let alone someone good
• Disappointed that a past recruit, or someone you promoted, didn’t live up to expectations
• Concerned that you might lose some of your own good people
• Frustrated by the huge amounts of time and money associated with recruitment

We’ll also reveal why a huge retention problem is likely to hit many companies in the coming months and what you need to do NOW to avoid it.

Topics include:
• How to prepare to recruit/promote
• How to attract more of the right people
• How to select the right people for the right job
• How to retain and build your team

In summary, if you’re looking for expert advice, you can trust Auricas. For approaching 40 years, our team have been evaluating best (and worst) management practice at the core of business growth. So, take advantage and pick up some free tips that will help you get “round pegs into round holes”, “square pegs into square holes” – and keep them.

Come and join us. It’s short, it’s free and there’s no obligation involved. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least 2-3 ideas that will have made your time worthwhile.

Time: 8.30am-9.30am
Date: Tuesday 13th July 2021
Delivered via Zoom

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