Exhibition Staff Training

Exhibition staff training is important because you are far more likely to see a return on your exhibition investment if preparation includes a short course to “tune up” your stand team’s attitudes, activities and abilities.

Considering the huge amounts of time, effort and money involved in exhibiting, anything that lessens the risk of failure has to be explored!

A Unique and Effective Option
Our unique ½ day Exhibition Stand Staff Training Workshop has never failed so far to deliver less than 100% improvements!

Our Approach
We work with you on a forthcoming exhibition, benchmarking your team’s past practice and results and what you say is a quality lead. Then we provide our expert coaching to help your team deliver better results.

Real Results
The primary outcome is a higher number of better quality leads which will significantly increase your company’s chances of more sales. Successful conversion of those leads will obviously depend on the ability of your sales team! If you would like to sharpen their skills up too, please talk to us.

Consistency and Focus
Professional training for your stand team not only ensures everyone has a common and consistent approach but also keeps everyone focused on the primary exhibition purpose – creating a high number of quality leads.

Competitive Edge
In summary, this Exhibition Staff Training Workshop will help develop your company’s competitive edge compared to the poor attitudes and behaviours demonstrated by many untrained company representatives who:

  • Say they’ve had little if any guidance on objectives, strategy or techniques
  • Lack confidence to approach people or are so assertive they scare people away
  • Convey the impression they are bored stiff and would rather be elsewhere
  • Harm their company’s brand image and reputation by their appearance or habits
  • Spend far too much time with some visitors i.e. known contacts and not enough time starting new conversations with potentially hotter prospects
  • Hand out sales literature like confetti rather than asking useful questions
  • Have no appreciation or understanding of visitor psychology and behaviour
  • Are forgetful or poor at best when it comes to taking notes of important information
  • Appear obsessive, extensive and offensive regards data capture
  • Etc, etc

For more details or to discuss what you have in mind, please contact us.

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