Building a Management Team

Just expecting a group of people to function well as a management team is a little unrealistic to say the least; indeed, valuing diversity yet ensuring “fit” is the challenge of most MD’s the world over. This isn’t really surprising considering research by Dr Meredith Belbin which suggested that there were nine different character types, each having a preferred working style and role within a team!

This course explores not only best practice but also the reasons why so many management teams don’t work together effectively; it also provides invaluable feedback to both individuals and the team as a whole based on 360-degree feedback. This has enormous potential benefits not only in ensuring better “fit” but also in terms of greater respect and co-operation, improved efficiency, reduced conflict thus creating a stronger base for profitable growth.

So, what’s on your mind? Our guess is that you will be looking for measurable improvement of some kind in business, team or individual performance; or there may be an issue to do with change or growth.

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