Management and Leadership Training

As a manager, personal success is dependent on the performance of your team; company success is dependent on it too! Its therefore essential that all managers are given the necessary “tools to do the job” through training.

The Auricas “Principles of Management and Leadership” course provides expert guidance from on-going research into best and (worst) management practice and approaching 40 years’ experience of helping managers improve business, team and individual performance. It’s ideal for anyone developing in a team management/leadership role; it’s also an excellent refresher for experienced managers needing a “tune up” in times of change.

Structure: Delivered currently via Zoom, this fully interactive course is fundamentally different to presentation-based Webinars and those do-it-yourself eLearning courses. A short series of bite-sized sessions provides literally 100’s of practical tips including:

  • How to link business, team and individual objectives
  • How to share ownership and responsibility
  • How to produce a decent job description
  • How to stay on top of a high workload
  • How to deal with work-related stress
  • How to manage multiple priorities
  • How to deliver on time, on budget
  • How to delegate and feel confident about “letting go”
  • How to run better meetings
  • How to improve problem solving/decision making
  • How to get team members thinking more for themselves
  • How to reduce communication problems
  • How to increase your personal influence
  • How to manage “Millennials”/future talent
  • How to assess and develop your team
  • How to develop better teamwork
  • How to improve your coaching skills
  • How to increase motivation, productivity and work ethic
  • How to adapt to managing home workers
  • How to conduct performance appraisals
  • How to hold difficult conversations about performance
  • How to raise discrimination awareness
  • How to introduce changes
  • How to reduce employee turnover
  • How to promote/recruit successfully

“What I liked about Auricas coaching was there was no “bull” – you gave us real tools for real situations; as all our senior managers were involved in the coaching, we now have a company-wide management platform that gives us a stronger basis for growth” – Managing Director, Carbosynth Ltd

“This was a very good and informative course; very clear and easy to understand. I am listening more, taking more interest, praising more (where appropriate) and also delegating more. The ideas generated from our Business Improvement Plan could also produce an additional £40,000 sales income so I would definitely recommend this course to other managers!” – Associate Partner, White & Sons

“I’ve been a trainer myself for over 12 years and I know a good course when I see one!” – Technical Manager, BTCA Group

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Trust Auricas

  • Experience – Approaching 40 years’ experience: local, national, international, multiple market sectors
  • Expertise – Delivery of measurable improvements in business, team and individual performance
  • Opinion – Fresh thinking and frank, unbiased opinions are often what’s needed and appreciated
  • Advice – Sound advice based on experience and from on-going research into best (and worst) practice
  • Ideas – Consultancy, Coaching, 1:1, Workshops, Open and In-House Courses tailored to your budget