Supervisory Training

The initial steps into team supervision/team leadership are often regarded as the most challenging for a number of reasons:

  • Promotion usually being based on being the most experienced or the best at the job, not management competency
  • Moving from being one of the team to managing close colleagues
  • The pressure of having to do the old job plus new responsibilities
  • Greater responsibility for meeting customer’s expectations
  • Feeling “piggy in the middle” between staff and management
  • Having plenty of responsibility but little real authority
  • The expectation and necessity to work for as long as is required
  • Little if any supervisory/management training prior to stepping up

Clearly, the above scenario would test both the confidence and the resilience of most people! This training is therefore essential for those in a supervision/team leadership role as it will contribute to a better understand of the job, better personal organisation, better team management, greater confidence, increased ownership and responsibility and improved team performance.

So, what’s on your mind? Our guess is that you will be looking for measurable improvement of some kind in business, team or individual performance; or there may be an issue to do with change or growth.

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