Webinar: Better Time and Workload Management

I wish I had more time…

• to talk
• to think
• to be creative
• to plan what’s next
• to make a better decision
• to do something just for me
• to spend with my partner/family
• to support a colleague under pressure
• to address issues and not let them slide
• to mentor and help develop our future talent
• to deal with the important, not just the urgent
• to do what’s possible, not just what’s acceptable
• to analyse what’s happening and what needs to happen
• to talk to my team and find out how they are feeling right now
• to speak with a customer and tell them we appreciate their business

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• Unique, entertaining and informative
• Tailored to senior executives
• 20+ practical tips you can apply straight away

• Pinpoint problem sources and reveal quick wins
• Spend less time doing things other people should be doing
• Spend more time on your key areas of responsibility
• Reduce interruptions; get other people thinking more for themselves first
• Find more time to think and plan; less time “firefighting”
• Reduce the ridiculous level emails you have to deal with
• Get more done in less time

Come and join us. It’s short, it’s free and there’s no obligation involved.

Time: 8.00am-9.00am
Date: Wednesday 20th January 2021
Delivered via Zoom

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